Sludge Disposal

In the petroleum industry and marine vessels, the generation of oily sludge can not be avoided as this poses a global challenge in its treatment and management because of it hazardous nature.
Danka Africa (K) Ltd is registered, certified and licensed to dispose used oil to designated safe last destination(s) as per the mandatory requirements and set EHS standards set by N.E.M.A

how we do it

Our Process

Water and Oil separation is done at our water oil separation site. All the oil collected is disposed to companies with boiler burners and the treated water is later used for cleaning and watering plants.
We have licensed tankers for transportation when the consignment is in big volumes.

We understand oil spillage pose danger to organism such as water creatures, plants, animals and human beings. Continuous checks and service is regularly done on our trucks to ensure total compliance to the set policy of E.H.S.

As always, safety first...

When on duty our staff wear protective materials and safety gear such as hand gloves, head helmet, aprons, mouth masks and safety boots etc.

Precaution mechanism and technology to arrest accidental oil spillage is a priority within our company in protecting the environment, to ensure compliance with the set EHS Policy/all N.E.M.A requirements and regulations.

Why we do this

• To train and equip staff with the knowledge and equipment necessary to perform their tasks to the highest standards.
• To continually develop effective and efficient systems for Oil and Sludge services.
• To develop disposal of used oil and sludge solutions to commercial and industrial sector.