Integrity, safety and quality is what we speak!

Danka Africa (K) Ltd is a private company whose main objective is supply and transportation of petroleum products, construction and maintenance of weighbridge stations and crane services.
 We also offer convenience while at our service stations by giving you the best experience at our minimart, barber shop, grill & lounge, and car wash.

We aim to become the preferred world class supplier of oil and other fuel products in Africa.

Danka is heading towards a destination of excellence in fuel solutions, and we ami to become the greatesdt and most respected provider in the region.
Our mission entails:

  • To make a measurable difference to businesses and lives
  • To be reliable, professional and highly competitive.
  • To be responsible partners with respect to safety and environmental impact of all our operations and services.



  • Excellence
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Integrity
  • Concern for environment and society
  • Team work
  • Innovation and technological advancement.